Members of the Waterford Cultural Quarter steering committee recently attended a Creative Spirits Case Study meeting in Ibi, Spain

The case study trip was to see how Ibi are working to regenerate their city, their report is in this video.

For further information on Creative Spirits and it’s role in Europe, continue reading below this video.


Creative Spiritsboosting creative entrepreneurship through creative-based urban strategies.

Creative Spirits is an EU funded (Urbact) programme, and is a network of 9 EU cities. Each city wishes to implement regeneration plans through working with creative and cultural industries. We are working with the other 8 cities to develop novel approaches to link creative places, people and businesses; and to attract and boost creative entrepreneurship in dedicated urban spaces.

The joint policy challenge for the network is to better facilitate the above “creative ecosystem” to be able to attract (more) creative entrepreneurs and boost creative entrepreneurship in dedicated urban areas. Creative industries comprise economic activities that create economic value through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property. A city is able to mobilise ideas, talents and creative organizations when it knows how to foster a creative milieu by identifying, nurturing, attracting and sustaining talent. Local governments all over the world are increasingly becoming aware of the CCI’s potential to generate jobs, wealth, and cultural engagement



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