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Tenements and Poverty in Waterford – CQ Films

Tenements and Poverty in Waterford “All of the 18th and 19th century visitors marvelled at the Quay of Waterford. Its beauty, its elegance and expanse, comparing it to the finest quays in Europe. Its river full of masted ships, Its beautiful exchange, where the merchants conducted their business, and the adjacent Mall with its bowling […]

T & H Doolans Pub – CQ Films

T & H Doolans Pub – CQ Films   “How am I supposed to go on after that” – singer Dominic Mulvaney This quote from Mulvaney who was the main act about to perform after he just heard the support act – a 15 year old girl making her debut singing and playing her guitar […]

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and its links to Newfoundland – CQ Films

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and its links to Newfoundland “The first Waterford people of Newfoundland would take their children back from Newfoundland and have them baptised here in St. Patricks. The Registries’ are still in existence ” – Dermot Power (Local Historian) Film Notes Article on the connections between Newfoundland and South East Ireland – View […]

The Jacobs Family – CQ Films

The Jacobs Family “Biscuits, Banking or Building?” was often the question to find out which branch of the same family you were speaking of when it came to the Jacobs of Waterford and their enterprising family. Film Notes More Information on the Jacobs Family – Click to Access PDF ​Short history piece on growth of the […]

Royal Oak Tavern and John Moore & Charles Bianconi – CQ Films

Royal Oak Tavern and John Moore & Charles Bianconi John Moore First President of the Republic of Connaught died here in the Royal Oak (Tavern 6th Dec. 1899) it was situated at the entrance to Georges Court where it meets John Roberts Square and over the doorway a plaque high on the wall reads: – […]

Friends Meeting House and the Quakers in Waterford – CQ Films

Friends Meeting House and the Quakers in Waterford.  “Their yay was a yay and their nay was a nay. This would have been obvious in the Courts because people would be asked to swear on the bible and when a Quaker went in he wouldn’t swear on the bible. He said his yay was a […]

The Toll Bridge, Trains and Shipping – CQ Films

The Toll Bridge, Trains & Shipping “My Mothers father was Matthew Young and as far as I know he made his money in the goldfields and I don’t know if it was California or Alaska? But he made his money and came home and built his house in Ballytruckle….called it ‘Waterloo House’ …. My poor […]

Peter O’Connor – CQ Films

Peter O’Connor At the 1906 Olympics Peter O’Connor climbed the flagpole at the medals ceremony and hoisted a large green flag bearing a golden harp and the words “Erin Go Bragh” – Ireland Forever”. Film Notes Further Information  –  ​RTE short piece on Peter O’Connor on his Olympic Success –   About Waterford […]

O’Connell Street – CQ Films

O’Connell Street (formally King’s Street) “ Waterford City was the first City in Ireland to rename a street after Daniel O’Connell”.  – Joe Falvey (Local Historian)   Film Notes Read a biography on Frederick Douglass – View PDF View a photo of Frederick Douglas – View PDF ​View a photo of Frederick Douglass Blue Plaque – View PDF  […]

Murphy Engineering – CQ Films

Murphy Engineering “Herself and the Infant of Prague did run the business and made a great success of it” – Bill Murphy talking about his mother’s ingenuity and the workers help in saving the Company after his dad suddenly died.   Film Notes Murphy Engineering is still a Waterford success story – see link here   […]