St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and its links to Newfoundland

“The first Waterford people of Newfoundland would take their children back from Newfoundland and have them baptised here in St. Patricks. The Registries’ are still in existence ” Dermot Power (Local Historian)

Film Notes

Article on the connections between Newfoundland and South East Ireland – View Article

​Newfoundland woman still has a south east Ireland accent even though she was never here – View Article


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Created and produced by Waterford Youth Arts in 2021 with support from Waterford Council Arts Office, Waterford Cultural Quarter and Creative Waterford. All Film and Audio by Keith Currams. Website by Thomas Fitzgerald. Producer and Interviewer Ollie Breslin. Special thanks to Michael O’Sullivan and all the members of Waterford History Group (Facebook) and to the National Library Ireland .

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