SprÓg 2020 is the best summer fun in Waterford for children and families, with a series of online workshops for children of all ages…

This year’s fantastic children’s art festival kicks of today July 30th and runs until August 3rd and all the details can be found on www.garterlane.ie

This year’s festival is all set around the theme of the “Forest” and one of the events we can’t wait for is “Roots with Curious State Theatre” who have developed a collection of interactive songs about the Irish Woodland. https://garterlane.ie/events/sprog20-roots-with-curious-state-theatre/

Curious State, is a Waterford-based Theatre and Street Spectacle company, they make theatre and music for all sorts of venues and found spaces. They are experts in creative intervention, reclaiming public spaces with captivating antics and quirky theatre, filling them with fun, laughter, music and songs for all the family.

Another event the WCQ team can’t wait to see catch is “Colourful Kitchen Chemistry with Calmast”

Cordula from Calmast will show you how to use household materials to explore the wonderful world of chemistry in the kitchen: how do you make rainbow noodles for dinner? What’s happening when you bake a cake? How can you set up your own lab at home and experiment with kitchen materials? And lots more!


From STEAM to Theatre to craft making there really is something for everyone in the family, parents too!

How it works:
1. Come visit us at our website at www.garterlane.ie.
2. Choose any event (or all!) from our fab forest-themed program.
3. Get involved at a time that suits you – Invite your pals!
4. Share your creations on social media with the #garterlane


Make sure to check out these great events!

SprÓg 2020

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