Frank Cosgrove – Photography Panel – CreateFest 2020

Saturday 7th November @ 6 pm – Book your space here

Photographer Frank Cosgrove’s sweeping panoramic landscapes (with the occasional city shot thrown in for good measure) portray Ireland at its most majestic. Plus, he travels frequently so you’ll find yourself charmed by a surprising, though equally pleasant, foreign backdrop.Frank Cosgrove CreateFest

For Frank, photography is about a lot more than just taking a picture, “Sharing my photography on Instagram has helped me to engage with people with common interests and hobbies and build some great friendships.”

His work has a particular focus on developing a beautiful Instagram account, where Frank is quickly building a large following. This social media following allows greater partnerships in photography, travel and business opportunities.

Frank’s background in technology has allowed him to work closely with many companies developing new camera and drone technology, he gives these companies direct product feedback on what new developments the community would like in their next generation products.

“Combining my passion for bleeding edge technology with the best available photography capabilities in a DSLR’s, smartphones and drones allows me to further fuel my passion for photography.”




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