Design Challenge Waterford

Design Challenge Waterford – Building Creative Communities

The Design Challenge is a competition that encourages different communities in the O’Connell Street area to identify challenges that they experience in living, working and using the O’Connell Street area. The Design industry will be asked to look at the challenges and to develop possible solutions. These innovative proposals are to encourage   greater creativity in the area and are for any community or team to benefit from, in the Cultural Quarter.

The design industry and multi-disciplinary teams will work with the community in the development of their proposals  through a series of workshops. 

Examples of Design Challenges might include:

  • I feel uncomfortable on O’Connell street because it doesn’t show my culture anywhere in a visual way.

  • My children don’t have anywhere safe to play close to where I live in the WCQ neighbourhood.

  • I would like to find good workspace where I can work collaboratively with other artists.

  • My business and other business on the street would like to be identified as being part of the WCQ.

  • There’s a lack of secure bicycle parking on the street.

The design industry and multi-discipinary teams will work with the community in the development of their proposals through a series of workshops. Download the Workshop 1 Summery Report here for further infomation  or visit the Design Challenge Waterford website


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