WCQ Spotlight

Katherine Collins, WCQ Project Manager and Emma Haran, WCQ Creative & Community Coordinator.

WCQ July Spotlight











What is your background?

Katherine: Emma and I worked together on the Three Sisters European Capital of Culture 2020 Bid. While we were gutted that we didn’t win the Bid, what remained was an enormous amount of goodwill towards the relevance of culture in Waterford, and a huge determination to continue with the process of working with cultural organisations, artists and communities. We are both very excited about the possibilities of working in the O’Connell street area with everyone to develop a vibrant active place for locals and visitors alike.

Emma: I’m delighted to be working with the communities of artists, creatives, residents and businesses in the WCQ. Having come from a background in the Library Service in Waterford, I recognise the value of working with people from all walks of life and connections being made through culture and creativity. I would like to see lots of networks building and developing organically with my assistance and I’m open to speaking to anyone with an interest in creating these connections. We will be hosting regular Cultural Quarter forums, please keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates.

What’s your favourite thing about WCQ?

Katherine: I love standing on O’Connell Street and seeing the diversity of people walking by – visitors, workers, residents and kids skipping along with their families.

Emma: The passion of the community at this early stage in the project; I can see their drive and their ambition to develop this special part of Waterford to become their Cultural Quarter.





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