Ravenna May 2018

Two delegates from Waterford attended the Case Study Meeting in Ravenna in May 2018.

Ravenna is a beautiful historic port city and has many similarities with Waterford. The city plans to redevelop their docks through supporting Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI’s) and through a programme of social engagement with their citizens.

Ravenna has a long history of using mosaic for cultural expression, Waterford has taken inspiration from this history and plans to use mosaic as a tool for working with communities in the Cultural Quarter. Their support for young innovative start-up companies is very inspiring and Waterford would like to recreate that energy here.

Reuse of abandoned and vacant industrial buildings is a large feature of the work that the local authority in Ravenna is undertaking. Their project is very ambitious and involves a wide range of stakeholders including architects, the design industry, third level institutions and many more.

Taking inspiration from Ravenna’s historical use of mosaic, Waterford Cultural Quarter has worked with The Art Hand to create a number of collaborative mosaics with local residents, businesses and creatives as well as with members of the Creative Spirits Implementation Network

Ravenna May 2018



Ravenna May 2018







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