Lublin July 2018 Internship Week

Internship week is an opportunity for the participants of the Creative Spirits Implementation Network to gain “on the job” experience related to the various challenges faced by each city in the network. 

Waterford visited Lublin in late July 2018. Lublin is the biggest and fastest developing city in eastern Poland, as well as the capital of the Lubelskie Region. During the Internship week we concentrated on learning more about Lublin’s approach to developing Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI’s); establishing creative partnerships, clusters of creative enterprises and systems of incubating companies. The interns also learned about reuse of abandoned spaces for community uses and visited an excellent model of co-working called LuCreate.

The Carnaval Sztukmistrzów was taking place during our visit and emphasised the vibrancy and creativity that street spectacle festivals such as Spraoi bring to city centres. 






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