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WCQ September Spotlight

Ed Cahill owner of Tully’s Bar O’Connell Street Waterford and member of Waterford Cultural Quarter Steering Group

What is your background and what value do you see in having a business in the WCQ?
I’ve worn a few different hats in my time. I’ve a background in International Development and I’ve been lucky enough to work with communities, organisations and governments across the world, from India to Tanzania, Rwanda to Nicaragua, but my first job in the family bar in Carlow has proven to be my real passion. It’s afforded me the opportunity to open a business in the Waterford Cultural Quarter and that has truly been a wonderful experience. Sitting on the board of the Carlow Arts Festival for the last number of years has shown me the value the arts and culture more broadly can add to any place and I see this borne out in the WCQ too. The area has such rich history and vibrant communities,which under the umbrella of the WCQ have the potential to create a unique and energetic cultural hub in the heart of the city.
What’s your favourite thing about WCQ?
There are many, but I’ve been hugely impressed by the inclusive approach taken in the creation and evolution of the WCQ. This is the start of a long term process to create something truly positive in the heart of Waterford and I’m heartened by the care and attention being taken to work with the many diverse communities in the area who all have a stake in the success of the WCQ; from businesses and artists to local residents, organisations and visitors to the area. This collaborative approach takes time and effort but experience has thought me it’s undoubtedly the most effective method to achieve positive long lasting impact.

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