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Waterford Cultural Quarter Open Call

Pilot Scheme

A pilot Open Call scheme for creative / artistic works that reflect the vision and guiding principles of the WCQ

 Waterford Cultural Quarter (WCQ) is an urban regeneration project currently being managed by Waterford City & County Council and is led by a steering group of individuals and organisations based on the cultural and creative sectors. It will play a vital development role for the O’Connell Street area of Waterford city centre, nurturing and attracting distinctive cultural and creative production and generating a dynamic cultural life that enhances the city’s community, creative and business life. The vision of the WCQ Plan is to: 

“To deliver inclusive and sustainable innovation and growth for the cultural and creative sectors of south east Ireland; to become a distinctive and engaging place to the heart of Waterford which is open, inspiring and a vital addition to the city’s creative, knowledge and visitor economy”.

In order to support the vision of the Waterford Cultural Quarter Plan, applications are now being sought for creative / artistic projects and initiatives which will take place during late 2018/early 2019. The maximum grant available to an individual project (by a group or an individual) in this round of funding is €3000. 


We invite you to submit an Application for projects seeking between €1000 – €3000

Applications are open to community and voluntary groups, organisations, venues, artists, and individuals* who wish to contribute to creativity and culture within the Waterford Cultural Quarter based on the Guiding Principles which underpin the Vision;

Guiding Principles

Each proposal should relate its project to one or more of the following guiding principles:

  • A place of openness and generosity with creative people to its heart and with a distinct local identity
  • A place for experimentation, collaboration, knowledge sharing and exploration
  • A catalyst and driver to enhance and promote the city’s creative and cultural economy
  • Everyone’s cultural quarter
  • Never complete, always in renewal
  • Affordable for all types of users and different forms of activity
  • Multi-disciplinary – bringing together different sectors, different communities and different perspectives through a focus on culture and creative practice
  • A vibrant hub – using the city to provide the energy, relationships and exchange through which creativity thrive
  • Supported by local agency partners for continued development and success

*All applicants must ensure that they are registered as a Group, Artist, Self-Employed, etc. for Revenue Tax purposes to be eligible for Grant Payment.

The process

We ask that you complete the attached Application Form. 

Applicants must adhere to the application requirements of submission.

Deadline for submissions is 3pm on the 27th of November 2018 and should be submitted to or Waterford Cultural Quarter Open Call, c/o Customer Services in Baileys New Street, Waterford.

Successful applicants will be notified in early December 2018.



Criteria for Assessment

Please note your Application will be assessed under the following criteria:

  • Evidence of how this planned project supports the guiding principles of the WCQ
  • particularly with community, businesses & creatives.                                                                               30 marks             
  • Quality & ambition of the planned project.                                                                                                     20 marks
  • Outline of who the ‘audience is’ and who will participate.                                                                      10 marks
  • Evidence of engagement with community: residents/ businesses/creatives                              15 marks             
  • Capacity/ability and evidence of the applicant to undertake and realise the project.            10 marks
  • Quality and feasibility of the proposed budget submitted.                                                                     15 marks

         Total Marks                                                                                                                                                                     100 marks

(Note if artists / creative professionals are engaged in the project evidence must be shown in the budget of the proposed fees).


Please Note a Panel from the WCQ Steering Committee will be appointed to assess all applications.

If you require further information you can contact

Awarded grants will be made in two payments. 70% on award and 30% on successful evaluated approved completion.

Projects funded by this pilot Open Call should be substantially completed by February 1st 2019.


WCQ Open Call Application Form


Please note if you intend to work with children and young people you must show evidence of your child protection policy or the child protection policy of your partner organisation.  Groups/organisations/individuals must be tax compliant, have appropriate insurances in place and meet all Health & Safety requirements. We ask that you submit your Application Form by 3pm on the 27th of November 2018.

You can submit your application by email to with
Post/Deliver to one of Customer Service Department clearly marked

Waterford Cultural Quarter Open Call

Customer Service Department
Bailey’s New Street                                                              
It must be received by the deadline or it will be deemed ineligible.


Protection of Personal Data

Processing your application form may involve the recording and processing of personal data (such as name, address). Unless indicated otherwise, this application form and any personal data requested are requested solely for the purposes indicated in this form and will be processed solely for these purposes.  Personal data provided will only be retained for as long as this application form is being considered.

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