Spring is in the Air

The Spring is the Air Project is an initiative of Waterford Cultural Quarter and Waterford Council, it’s brief was for artists to design, fabricate and install creative installations that reflect new beginnings, longer days, light, brightness, freshness, new energy in Waterford City Centre and the Cultural Quarter.

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air and Islander Arts have been busy creating a variety of colourful, joyful art installations around Waterford City for all to enjoy. The idea is to enliven and animate some of the city spaces, particularly around the Cultural Quarter and the City Centre, with creativity.

Spring is a time of fresh beginnings, positivity, hope and lightness. It is a time when we all re-emerge after the hibernation of winter. This year, in particular, we all need our spirits to be lifted and a smile brought to our faces. This project is about sending joy out onto the streets of Waterford for passers-by to enjoy.

The Wish Tree project is an art installation where the wishes of a cross-section of the public have been tied around the branches of the two Wish Trees in Hanover Street. After a very tough year, this installation is about fresh hopes and new beginnings. There’s an intimacy and connectedness to the project as people can read others’ wishes creating a collective message of hope for a better future.












The Enchanted Doors on Hanover Street and Arundel Square are artworks aimed at children. The imaginations of children will be captured as they enter through these beautifully painted magic doors. These doors offer an imaginative and playful interaction for the little ones to enjoy.

Spring is in the AirSpring is in the Air

On John’s Lane there is a visually striking aerial art installation that moves and sways in the breeze above the street. Metres of multi-coloured strips of fabric fill the space with a splash of vivid colour and movement.



The Presbytery railings on Great Georges Street have been decorated with lots of coloured picture frames making for a great backdrop for photographs as they contrast beautifully with the old Georgian building and doors.

And finally there are the suspended photo frames in John Roberts Square where families can jump behind the frames and take photos of themselves and the kids. These golden frames are shining and bursting with flowers representing the growth of springtime. The flower frames create fun photos to take home and share with others.





One thought on “Spring is in the Air

  1. Anne Nolan says:

    Wonderful creations, colourful, accessible, cost effective and a welcome burst of animation and movement after such a long year of lockdowns, Congratulations to all involved.

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