Friends Meeting House and the Quakers in Waterford. 

“Their yay was a yay and their nay was a nay. This would have been obvious in the Courts because people would be asked to swear on the bible and when a Quaker went in he wouldn’t swear on the bible. He said his yay was a yay – he was honest all the time and not just because he put his hand on the bible”

– Joan Johnston (Author of Waterford Quaker history)

Film Notes

Watch a short documentary on Waterford Quakers and their beliefs made in 1977 by RTE (national broadcaster)  – Watch Documentary

An article about the Waterford Quakers written by Joe Falvey – View Article

View a map of significant Waterford Quaker Locations in and around the Waterford Cultural Quarter – View PDF

About the Friends Meeting House – Click to Access PDF

Quakers and the Claddagh Fishery – Click to Access PDF

Quakers involvement in the Cork Soup Kitchen – Click to Access PDF


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